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Automate your pick-up and deliveries, allow custom combinations, and be in control of your schedule and finances.

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Features specifically designed to
save you time.

Pick-up and Delivery

Have the flexibility to set your own custom schedule. Block off any dates, times, or days of the week, that you are unavailable.

Add Orders Manually

Add any offline orders or payments manually. Keep track of customers, scheduling, and allow automated notifications.

Easy & Fast Checkout

A modern, easy and intuitive step-by-step order process, combined with a fast checkout, to help attract and retain new customers.

Automated Email Receipts

Automated email reminders and receipts are sent to the customer with detailed information.

Add to Google

You can add all your orders to your Google calendar, and allow your customers do the same.

Set Order Limits per Location or per Day

Control how many deliveries and how many orders per pickup location you provide.

Buffer time

Adjust the amount of buffer time between deliveries or pickups for any preparation or clean up time needed.

Coupons and

Generate unlimited coupons on a fixed fee or a percentage that your customers can use on checkout.

with Square

Online checkout. No monthly prices or additional fees – you only get charged a small fee per transaction.

Date Range for
Specific Items

Have a specific item that’s only available the third week in June? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Entirely White Labelled

We don’t include our branding on anything that your customers see, so the software looks proprietary to your business.


You can customize the look and feel to match your brand to offer your customers a consistent experience.

Location Export to Maps

Export all your delivery orders and upload them into Maps for a customized delivery route without the hassle.


Allow your customers to be able to pick and choose what product flavours or items go into their box.

Filter and Export Orders

Filter all your orders by day, location, by pickup or delivery, with the ability to export it all into excel.

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