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Avadata Yoga.

A Full Lake-Design Rebrand. Logo, Fonts, Colours, Web & Social.

Erin Savage (Angad Preet Kaur) owns and operates a Therapeutic Yoga retreat for individuals looking for relief from Anxiety & Trauma.

It also features luxury tent & teepee glamping rentals, spread out over one hundred acres, with nature trails to explore, a beautiful pond surrounded by evergreen forest and a bountiful organic vegetable garden.


Combining the practice of yoga & the meaning of Avadata, our team incorporated the Yoga Mudra hand gesture, Lotus Mudra, to be the main icon component of the logo.

Yoga mudras are symbolic hand gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers that facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within. 

The definition of “Avadata” in Sanskrit translates to: beautiful, clean, pure, bright, & white.

Lotus Mudra signifies purity, beauty & emerging from the darkness, which tied in really perfectly with the meaning of “Avadata” to represent their brand.


The colours chosen for the Avadata Yoga brand create a soft & inviting, nature-inspired palette of pinks & greens, with a splash of lighter beige. 


The font chosen for the Avadata Yoga brand is Gotham, a geometric sans serif.

Sans serif meaning it lacks the little feet in the corners of letters you’d see in a typeface like Times New Roman, and geometric alluding to the influence of basic shapes in its design.


 The concept of the Yoga Mudras, were expanded upon further to create five instagram highlight icons representative of different aspects of Avadata Yoga’s services & core values.